History of Tibetan Astrology

The Tibetan Astro. Science, spread in Tibet is mainly of two kinds:

Astronomy (skar-rtsis) and Astrology (‘Byung-rtsis). The basis for this system was there in Tibet from very ancient times when farmers and nomads in Tibet make examination of the constellation to forecast changes in seasons, monsoon for crops and pasture for cattles.  However, this system became more systematic after the translation of Kalachakra tantra into Tibetan in the year 1027A.D, which contains five chapters.

Buddha Shakyamuni first taught this Kalachakra tantra when he was 81 year old (881 B.C.) at the stupa of Shri Dhanakataka or Palden Drepung in Amravati, South India on the full moon day of 3rd month of a Metal-Dragon Year. This tantra contains information such as the natural state of the Universe, inhabitance and especially the planetary or the cosmological influence on the four seasons. The Kalachakra tantra presents the sources of all the calculations and interpretation used for determining the position of the Sun, Moon and other planets for preparation of the calendar or almanac. This Kalachakra also includes various activities according to planetary aspects, and contains the text known as “Arising Vowel”, which correlates the characteristics of Sanskrit alphabet and phonemic systems of vowels and consonants with Astrological interpretations from the positions of the planets.

Though the rudiment for this system present in Tibet during the pre-Buddhist era of Bon, it has been passed down only through Oral transmission. However, later during the time of gNam-ri-srong-btsan in the 6th century, the translation of elemental astrology from Chinese started and helped develop in the same.

This is one of the systems used to make predictions regarding joys and sorrows that a human being experience in one’s lifetime by using elemental laws of relations and methods. This doesn’t require any mathematics calculation as in astronomy. The elemental system is believed to have been taught by the lord Manjushri in China during 837 B.C.  In brief, the Kalachakra tantra contains all the information and calculation used in Astrology and Astronomy.

Therefore, Kalachakra is the foundation of our practice.

Introductions to Tibetan Astrology

Traditional Tibetan Astrology originates from two distinct systems, that of the cycles of Animals and Elemental Astrology or ‘byung rtsis, that from the Highest Yoga Tantra of Kalachakra, Kalachakra Astrology, or sKar-rtsis. Kar- Tsi also includes astrological calculations and interpretations from Yangchar (Shivasvarodhaya tantra). Although influenced by early Bon and Chinese astrology, the elemental approach took a unique course of development within Tibet.

1. Astronomy (Tib. Kar-tsi)

The Kar Tsi approach to astrology is based upon the calculation of the signs, constellations and planets and their inter-relationships. In the Kalacakra Tantra as a whole, the subject matter is usually divided into three Wheels, or phases, known as the External, Internal and Alternative Wheels.

  • The External wheel is the External Cosmos, with the cycles of the planets, constellations and stars, and this includes a system of both astronomy and astrology.
  • The Internal wheel is the internal Cosmos of chakras (wheels), channels and energies within the body, and their relation to the cycles of the External Cosmos. This section contains a basis for understanding how the planets affect us through the mechanism of the subtle body.
  • The Alternative wheel is the yogic technique for purifying and transforming the inner and outer energies to release our innate awareness and capacities. These are all depicted within the Kalachakra Mandala.

2. Elemental Astrology (Tib. Nag tsi)

It includes a 60-year cycle of animals and elements.

Tibetan elemental astrology, ‘byung-rtsis, which draws from Classical Elemental Astrology, is the ancient art of calculation and interpretation of celestial phenomena. Classical Elemental Astrology or nag-rtsis is based on the five elements, the twelve-year cycle, eight par-kha or trigrams, and nine sme-ba or magic square numbers. Tibetan astrologers use these to calculate horoscopes along the four major themes: one’s life span, physical condition, economic and political power, and overall luck in business and work.

 3. Shiva Sarvodaya Tantra (Tib. Yangchar)
The astrology of rising sounds – is a system of astrological wheels for a wide variety of results.
The Arising Vowel System, dbyangs-char, which assigns a different vowel to each of the days of the month, and calculates its effect on individuals and nations.

Types of Astrology

The horoscopes for individuals, marriage compatibility chart, health chart for the sick, yearly predictions, death charts, guiding the date and time for important religious and business matters are services available with us.

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Also known as tshe rab las rtsis in Tibetan. This calculation will be done according to one’s date of birth (day/month/year), hour of birth and place of birth. It contains:

  • Your birth ascendant, Sun sign, Moon sign and “Birth constellation” according to Tibetan Astrology.
  • Useful information like your lucky colour, lucky stone, lucky day; auspicious & inauspicious day, date, month & period.
  • Your nature & temperament, your physical characteristics, your personality & attitude – positive and negative traits.
  • Your wealth and fortune, love and marriage, health and diseases, family and children, job and profession, as per your horoscope.
  • Remedies and talisman will be given that will help you lead a more happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous life.
  • Horoscope charts with most accurate and specific calculations, as per Tibetan astrology
  • Information on your previous and next life will also be mentioned.

Astrological Consultation

Astrological Consultation is available either in person or email. Any life related questions or confusions of an individual will be carefully analyzed according to ancient wisdom of Tibet and appropriate guidance will be provided. Please use the Contact us page for send us the details for consultations.

Talisman or Amulet

The Golden Wheel of Manjushri (Jamyang Serkhor)

The Tibetan Astrological Amulet

Making and wearing of astrological amulets to protect one’s self has been, since ancient times, an honoured tradition in Tibet. The amulets are believed to heal, protect and harmonise energies.

The ‘Jamyang Serkhor’, The Golden Wheel of Manjushri, is the general protective and harmonising amulet of Lord Manjushri, who embodies all wisdom of the Buddha, shown here with the sword of flame in his right hand which is symbolic of eliminating the ignorance of all sentient beings.

The amulet is beneficial to any person who uses it to correct his today and protect his tomorrow.

The Tibetan astrological amulet is prepared with the help of time tested and ancient astrological wisdom of Tibet.

Inside the amulet is a parchment printed from an ancient wooden block inscribed with the emblems and mantras in the form of the cosmic turtle.  It contains a ‘Chagne’, blessed by Nechung, the protective deity and one of the two state oracles of Tibet who mysteriously guides the destiny and decisions of the Tibetan government and its people. It also has a sacred pill with the blessing of a very holy Lama.

The amulet is then woven within threads of the five elemental colours in a particular sequence symbolising the binding of the five elements into the golden element of earth. It is finally wrapped in a golden brocade and knotted with Tibetan blessed cord made from silk.

This particular amulet has been made especially for Drungtso Healing and Tara Tibetan Astrological center, Dharamsala by Ms. Tsering Dolma Drungtso, a Tibetan astro-medical practitioner trained at the prestigious Tibetan Medical and Astrological College of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. While making the amulet, utmost care has been taken with a great reliance and emphasis on the traditional empowering forms and rituals, classical texts, theories and the astrologer’s personal experiences.

How to Use

* Wear it or keep with personal belongings

Put under your pillow while asleep

Hang on the entrance to your house or room

Use in your car or carry along on journeys.

Should never be removed from its gold covering

Also Available

Special Amulets for health, business, luck, career, intelligence, peace of mind,

relationships, love, education, jobs, concentration, child bearing problems

and marriage etc of a person based on Tibetan horoscope on direct order

from Tsering Dolma Drungtso.

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