We have various projects in the pipeline to implement. However, due to financial constraints, we are unable to hire the best scholars, doctors and astrologers, editorís etc. Thus, we are unable to proceed with our projects at the expected pace.

Research Project
We are always open for collaborated research on Tibetan medicine and astrology with universities or interested parties. The aim of our research is to highlight and promote our services throughout the world. Financially, we are weak to materialize these projects, but we are confident that we are a storehouse of information on Tibetan medicine and astrology.
We also guide research scientists and scholars in all fields of Tibetan medical and astrological studies.

Translation Project
With the aim of providing high quality courses in Tibetan medicine and astrology, we have begun a translation project, which aims to make available to Western doctors, healers, practitioners, Astrologers, scholars and researchers some of the rich treasures of the Tibetan medicine and astrology, including the deeper understandings required for its real comprehension. There is a vast array of works on Tibetan medicine and astrology none of, which are available in English. Currently we have identified over 30 volumes of medical and astrological works in Tibetan and are studying their contents, to gather materials for our courses.
We also accept translation of important texts on Tibetan medicine and astrology.