Drungtso Tibetan Medical and Astrological Centre is a Dharamsala based non-profit organization, which promotes and preserves the rich tradition of ancient Tibetan medical and astrological science. This center was officially founded on 17th of May, 2015 and was inaugurated by Dr. Tsewang Tamdin, personal physician of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and Chief Medical officer of Men Tsee Khang. It was registered as a clinical establishment under section 15 of The Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Act, 2010 in the state government and hold the provisional registration number: 0202400933.
This center believes that the Tibetan medicine and astrology can be valuably understood through both its traditional role within Tibetan Buddhist culture and modern perspective. It is also one of the best source and platform for information on Tibetan Medicine and astrology. The centre provides consultation facilities, carries out teachings, conducts courses and holds seminars on Tibetan medicine and astrology on international level, through correspondence courses or residential teaching and training at Dharamsala.
The resource persons working in this centre are all professionals, well versed and qualified in Tibetan medicine and astrology and are morally and legally fit to carry out teachings, researches and consultations. It also organizes medical and astrological tours internationally either on request or per the organization’s plans.
The centre has had landmark achievements in terms of teaching and providing information on Tibetan medicine and astrology and had students from all over the world. It gives introduction to full training in English for the non-Tibetan speaking students.
The doctors and astrologers teach in English without requiring an interpreter. In the past, layperson, doctors, healers, astrologers, researchers and medical students have studied under us. The doctors and astrologers of this centre regularly visit abroad and many places in India for conferences, seminars, consultations, and exhibitions. Please visit our Photo Gallery for updated Photos of the seminars etc.

Mission Statement

The basic vision behind the establishment of Drungtso Healing Centre was to serve our core concern of preserving and promoting Tibetan healing science and astrology and to provide authentic services and resources of Tibetan medicine and astrology. Keeping this motivation in mind, we abide by our vows and take utmost care of our patients and clients irrespective of gender, cast and creed. We pledge to hold high the welfare of patients and clients.