“Hallo dr Drungtso !

Here is dr Edyta from Poznañ – Poland. I’m sorry for my broken english, but I’ll try to write something of my situation.
We met in Warsaw (22.06.2003) before your leaving of Poland; I’m your patient. My main problem is arrhythmia of heart and myoma of uterus. I took Tibetan medicines and I felt much better about my heart for last 45 days (better about 70%). I stopped take my chemical medicines for heart and thyroid glands before 3 weeks ago (sotalol and iod).

I was very happy of god feeling, but for last one week arrhythmia came back (in 100%). In this time I eat for two days boiled paprika and picles peperoni (kind of light hot paprika), is it possible to ruin all treatment? I’d like to buy next part of medicines. Could you send it to me?
Please write me more about diet. What is the most important? Can stronger diet help more during process of healing?”